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      2. Add : No. 16-1, Zhongwang Road, Eco
        -industrial park, Jixi County
        sales manager: Cheng Hong
        TEL/FAX: +86-563-8165796,
        Post code : 245300
        E-mail : export @ tianchichem.com
        URL: www.moe-project-kw.com
        Tianchi Chemical was founded in 1996, and it is situated in the historical and cultural city Eco-industrial Park of Jixi County, and we are the first professional manufacturer producing industrial production of glycol bis ether series products. Its production technology and management occupy a leading position in the whole country and the company is the high-tech enterprise in Anhui Province.
        Since foundation, Tianchi Chemical Factory is always insisting on 'technology innovation, management innovation and system innovation', lays stress on the management in internal company, and external we create the image of the company, we continue to increase the investment, expand production scale and develop new products. The main products including: 1,2-Dimethoxyethane, Bis(2-methoxy ethyl)ether, Diethylene Glycol Di-n-butyl, Diethylene Glycol Diethyl Ether, , dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether, mixture of isomers, Polyethylene glycol, dimethyl ether etc. The newly developed ester products are widely used and including isobornyl methacrylate, isobornyl acrylate.
             The factory has passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, We have advanced manufacturing equipment, and complete inspection and analysis equipment. Main product 1,2-Dimethoxyethane has won the provincial research result certification and provincial technology progress award; in 2006, the synthesis method of 1,2-dimethoxypropane products won the national invention patent. At present, we have 58 employees, 8 of which are professional technicians, 3 are senior technicians, we have strong technical force. We will continue to develop new products and improve the product quality to meet the needs of the domestic and foreign markets.
        The company will adhere to the policy of 'technology innovation, pursue high-purity grade, adapt to the development, and abide by the pledges', and the aim of 'integrity, standardization, innovation and development'; insist on the concept of scientific development and sustainable development, regard the 'safe production' and 'environmental production' as the fundamental of business survival and development, we strive to build the brand of 'Tianchi', and establish a harmonious enterprise.
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